Global Web Index reported 80% of youth own a smartphone


According to the latest study, saturation in the cellular phone sector have paved the way for the wearable technology as it is the new face of technology growth.

The survey initiated by Global Web Index monitored nearly 170,000 internet users in more than 32 markets globally and came to the conclusion that nearly 80% of youth own a smartphone and almost 9% possess some kind of wearable technology which shows an encouraging trend.

A number of much-anticipated and much-awaited devices such as Apple’s upcoming smartwatch is rumored to be the turning point for the wearable technology sector as it will surely ignite interest and anticipations along with encouraging a number of supporting devices. The recently concluded CES 2015 have given a number of prototypes of “smart devices” that are anticipated to assist wearable tech gadgets.

The statistics from the report also highlights some incredible trends. At first, the largest number of waearbles owners is males in the 25-35 age category and are basically natives of the Asia Pacific region.

This depicts the urge for modern technology in this part of the world where consumers want to explore newer and exciting avenues of technological world.

Search engine giant Google is topping the list of having devices with Android OS with the ratio of 3.5 Android devices to each iOS.

Apart from this, the report also claims that Android OS platform is the front-runner in the global smartphone and tablet pc market.

As far as the stats in mobile internet usage is concerned, GlobalWebIndex mentions that nearly two-third (75%) of smartphone subscribers now regularly uses internet on their handsets, which shows rising signs in this ecosystem. The expenditure time of users with their cellular devices have also seen a hike of 1.85 hours per day, which was 40 minutes in 2012.

These figures even escalate more in the Middle East and African emerging markets where the spent time of users is nearly 3 hours per day with signs of lack of interest in PCs.