Google Android comes to Audi, German automobile manufacturer


Google’s has experimented its flagship Android operating system is in many devices such as smartphones, pads and video game devices. In the coming years, Android is going to play a key role in power infotainment facilities in automobiles, kicking off with German manufacturer Audi. The report from The Wall Street Journal shows that Google and Audi are on the verge of a tie-up declaration at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2014.


Audi customers would enjoy the infotainment system to use music, location services and applications that are recently observed in Android-powered devices. Google and Audi are currently in talks with a number of technology firms in order to work on the project, comprising Nvidia Corporation.

With the use of enhanced Android into infotainment facility, Google is betting Apple’s iOS in the Car facilities market. Apple launched iOS fro autos at the Worldwide Developers Summit back in June. Apple’s iOS in the vehicles consist of an Eyes-Free Siri setting; satellite positioning, music command, iMessage operation and telephone controls. Apple has joined forces with several leading car manufacturers for implementation of iOS in the autos, suggesting Google require to reply quickly in order to remain in the contest in the connected car industry.

Audi is famous for spending hefty cash in connected car programs. In November, it claimed that 4G LTE services will be provided to its customers in the 2015 A3 sedan and will be as agile as seven times in contrast to its existing 3G connectivity. Audi is also planning to create shared data schemes between smartphones and their autos. Audi is currently employing both Google and Apple for its infotainment plans.

IHS Automotive predicted earnings for connected cars over the upcoming decade to be of $50 billion value starting from in-vehicle mobile ads, a whopping $500 billion from repair and maintenance and another $5 billion from service charges. Sophisticated technology in these automobiles could be handy in live saving by utilizing real-time alarms like “you are very close to another car.” The connected auto industry is an attractive and profitable platform that is obviously worth keeping in mind.