Google announced new PageRank update


Google Toolbar has recently again changed the green painted color. PageRank which is basically based ona great link analysis algorithm has now been refreshed by Google and websites are now ranked once again on the scale of 0-10 based on quality backlinks. The latest Google PageRank update came  into effect on 4th February 2013 as expected. Google rolls out a PageRank or PR update on quarterly basis.It means that Google ranks update for websites arrives on a scale of 0 to 10 after every 3 months.


Google’s last PR update arrived on November 2012 and just after 3 months a new update rolled out.

So What is PageRank?

In days back in 1998 when Larry Page and Sergey brin first showed their paper formula’s to public. PageRank or PR is the backbone of search giant Google and it is the major functionality that makes it different from other Search engines like Yahoo! and Bing. It is based on an effective Page Popularity algorithm that keeps tracking all incoming backlinks to a web page in a safe record. Whenever search robots arrives at your page and crawl them they count the number of all incoming links that points to your web page and also keeps track of the exacat number of links pointing  other niche sitesfrom your web page. The PR algorithm counts and calculates the quality and not quantity of backlinks and thus scales PR of sites between integer values starting from 0 to 10. For a traditional blog, PR7 is the max achievable rank, for corporate blogs PR may go as high as 9 or 10.

PR is a value that differentiates low quality sites from good content publishers. The more quality links a site receive, the higher is the PR chances.

Websites that get benefits of backlinks rank higher in PR scale and thus get faster crawl and index rate. Sites with higher PR are crawled much faster compared to those with lower PR. For example a PR 6 webpage is crawled many times per minute as compared to a PR 4 page that may be crawled once every minute. The faster the robot crawls the greater the chances to drive organic traffic and hit the headlines in SERPs.

Should One rely too much on PageRank?

I have always advised honestly to new comers to rely much more on their post frequency and quality of content. It is solely readership that counts a lot at first, rankings come at second number. A good PR does not always guarantee that you will receive exceptional treatment from search giants like Google in terms of Traffic. Although High PR does increase crawl rate but the SERP rankings is based on a total different criteria. For your page to be displayed on Google’s first page, you must give attention to trending topics. Try to act as the first one to break the news and never share out-dated news. Be unique in your content and keep sharing something new and different.

In my several years of blogging experience I have experienced that several of my PR2-PR3 websites receives much more traffic then my PR5-PR7 websites. The foremost reason is the Right selection of topics and rapid publishing skills.

So what is your priority list,

Readership First means Posting quality content
Traffic comes second
ALEXA tool on third
PageRank Fourth

Revenue, trust and respect all these three important factors comes with time and majorly revolves around your online community and other internet marketing agencies that reads your content and grade it.I tell you no one can judge how much traffic you get per day. People just estimate your traffic may be from your fan following count and then rankings.

In short you must put in your efforts to get good PageRank to achieve good crawl and index rate. But do not  belief that High PR means high Traffic.