Google announced $2.7 million for ‘Pwnium’ Chrome OS hacking


Google,search engine giant announced to offer $2.7 million to hackers who can hack its Chrome OS, browser based operating system. The announcement by Google came as part of its contest ‘Pwnium hacking’ which will be held in March 2014.

Google in a blog post said that “For Chromium security is the core tenet, because of same it hold regular competitions in order to learn various means and ways from security researchers. Such contests like Pwnium are essential for making the Chromium even more secure”.

Pwnium 4 contest this year will be held at the CanSecWest security conference, Canada in March.

Google will give a huge Pwnium reward of $2.71828 million to eligible Chrome OS exploits. There is a reward of $110,000 for system-level or browser compromise as a logged-in user or in guest mode, Google said in its blog post. Google will also give away $150,000 to hackers who will compromise an HP or Acer Chromebook.

Last time the Pwnium competitions were more focused on Chrome OS on Intel-based devices, but this time researchers are allowed to select ARM-based Chromebook, Acer C720 Chromebook (2GB Wi-Fi), and the HP Chromebook 11 (Wi-Fi) based on Intel’s Haswell microarchitecture.

Google last time give away $3.14159 million for Pwnium 3.

Google said there is huge price money and bonuses this year for researchers who exploits and it a “particularly impressive or surprising exploit.”