Google, is anticipated to launch 5.9-inch Android smartphone


World’s leading search engine behemoth, Google, is anticipated to launch its latest mainstream Android smartphone with a gigantic 5.9-inch screen glass that’s even massive in contrast to the iPhone 6 Plus in order to lock horns with the smartphone front-runners in the market.

The new phablet-sized device codenamed Nexus 6 will be the latest in the Google’s ranks of Nexus devices, which have managed to amass limited sales but are the prime choice of Android users for providing the company’s mobile OS without manufacturer-added software.

The 5.9-inch display is going to put the Nexus 6 as one of the largest devices available on the market at present , even larger than both Samsung’s latest iconic (the 5.7-inched Samsung Galaxy Note 4) and Apple’s assault into phablets category(the iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 inches glass).

Meanwhile, a lot of European and US users remain doubtful about massive sized devices; their worldwide acclaim has been boosted by success in Asian Pacific regions, where smartphones are the basic computing gadgets.

The phablets sales in the recent years have seen a massive growth, with the devices accounting for 1 per cent of worldwide shipments in 2011 up to 24 per cent this ongoing year, as per the stats disclosed from researchers Strategy Analytics.