Google appointed Susan Wojcicki as head of Youtube


Google Inc has appointed executive Susan Wojcicki as the new head of YouTube video business.

Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki will replace Salar Kamangar, and the move by Chief Executive Larry Page seems to be Google’s efforts to transform the  popular video portal into a bigger money maker.

Needham & Co analyst, Kerry Rice said that, Youtube is one of the biggest traffic sources on the Internet, and that’s why Google is trying to monetize the best it can.

Google so far has not announced YouTube’s financial results, but most of the analysts believe tthat youtube generates huge amount in billions of dollars as annual revenue from its video ads and  promotions.

Susan Wojcicki is a member of “L” Team, and had been acting as senior vice president of Ads and Commerce.

 Wojcicki’s partner Kamangar another executive is expected to remain at Google. YouTube, world’s top video website, seeks to get a bigger slice of U.S. television ads, estimated $70 billion.

Susan is excited about improving YouTube a Blog statement disclosed. The current change at YouTube has occurred a year after Google appointed Sundar Pichai taking over from Andy Rubinb at Android mobile software group.