Google beats Apple as most trusted brand claims Millward Brown


The latest research from Millward Brown highlights that search engine behemoth Google has beaten Cupertino-based Apple to claim the first spot in planet’s most trusted brands as per the annual BrandZ top 100 Most Valuable Brands on earth.

Apple had earlier been the top choice for consecutive three years but now its phenomenal performance is facing some decline, thanks largely to the Korean smartphone giant Samsung, which is making the smartphone competition literally “throat-cutting” for the American iconic handset brand.

According to the research, a remarkable 40 percent growth was seen in Google’s brand value which estimated almost $159 billion whereas previous champion Apple faced a reasonable 20% drop to conclude its worth at $148 billion.

VP at Millward Brown Optimor, Oscar Yuan commented as “I reckon that Apple was previously considered as the most revolutionary and innovative entity by consumers all over the world, but for now, the vision and perception of people regarding Apple is changing, which might let its position down drastically,”

On the other hand, Google has been enjoying a decisive reputation due to its authentic search engine and most prominently, the planet’s much-loved mobile OS, Android platform. In addition to this, several mega projects are in the pipeline for the company. Wearable technology project like Google Glass and other revolutionary plans such as un-manned vehicles have proven that Google is leaving no stone unturned to bring in the best and top-notch innovation and technology for user’s welfare.

The top of the list also included a galore of other tech-firms such as IBM and Microsoft, which managed to reserve a berth on the third and fourth place. The all alone non-tech brand to enter the top 5 mark was none other than fast food giant, McDonald’s.