Google commercial reunion goes viral


Google commercial reunion based on Pakistan and India goes viral. Google advertisement depicts two childhood friends and the story of their tearfull reunion. The two friends were seperated during the partition of Pakistan and India. The Google advertisement video has gone viral over the internet and social media.

Google latest advertisement carries the theme reflecting the demands for closer ties between PAk-India and people-to-people ties. The duration of video is 3:33-minute and is titled “Reunion”.

Google video of reunion has so far got over two million hits since its upload on YouTube on Thursday.
The story revolves around the old friendship of the two boys who were separated some 66 years back on independence of South Asian subcontinent from British colonial rule and the subsequent partition.

The advertisement explains how two younger relatives used the basic Google searches to bring together the two fictional characters.

India-based man tells his Granddaughter about his childhood friend and the story of their stealing “jhajariya” (a type of sweet) from a sweet shop located close to “an old gate” in Lahore. The girl uses the Google search engine to know the meaning of “jhajariya” and eventually track down the lahore old gate and concerned shop. She contacts the sweet house in Pakistan and talks the friend’s grandson.

The Pakistani based grandson aso trawls Google to know how to get visa of India and then brings his grandfather to India on emotive surprise reunion in neighbouring country India on the birthday of one of them.

Thousands of Internet users left comments on the social media networking sites describing the appealing Google advertisement of reunion bringing tears in their eyes.

Akshaya Aradhya commented on Google’s official Facebook page that

“Google brought nations together in 3 minutes 32 seconds. The politicians of both countries couldn’t do this in 66 years”

Peace between Pakistan and India is essential for stability of South Asian region and is essential for progress of both countries.