Google has dominated Apple in this year


Dow Jones has issued a report recently which reflects that Google has dominated Apple in ongoing year.

It was a phenomenal year for the search engine giant. Google has collect an estimated 124 thousand mentions in the media forums. Google has seen an increase in the media mentions for the fifth year. Last year, Google was highlighted almost 114,954 times, which means that the software heavyweight firm experienced roughly nine percent rise on media platform.

On the other hand, Apple is following the footsteps of Google with 120,451 mentions. For the maiden time, Apple came across a decrease in media coverage. In 2013, the total mentions are the lowest since 2010. In 2012, the Cupertino behemoth experienced more than 165,000 mentions, reflecting a sharp cut-off of 27 percent from previous year.

Both the firms are anticipated to give huge announcements in 2013, but it appears like Google packages produced more attraction for the Mountain View, Calif. Enterprise. Flagship products such as Apple’s iPhone 5s/5c, iPad Air and iPad Mini, and Google’s iconic Nexus 5 all unveiled in 2013, yielded media rumors for both entities. The main reason behind Google’s success might not be merely confined to the sole creation of its software. World-famous products like the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and LG also utilize Google designed operating system, the Android software.

Meanwhile, the Dow Jones description only estimates media talks, not the way media covered each firm. Google came across a reasonable amount of attraction following Edward Snowden disclosure of secret NSA files, which consists of the firm’s name. The media’s response was very swift to reach to the inside of the whole story; taking Google’s stance has been “Don’t be evil” for more than 10 years. Apple also came under criticism being a partner in the NSA scandal, but as Google products are more sensitive to safety infringements in contrast to Apple’s, hence it got ignored.

Google also saw consumer and media criticism in September this year, as the firm initiated Google+ expansion for YouTube posts. In order to minimize spam and comment objections, Google needed commenter’s to utilize their Google+ identities, thrashing the old username technique.

Microsoft and Bank of America came third and fourth on the list of most talked about firms on the Dow Jones report, and the two leading firms to be registered for the first time on the Dow Jones Index. The Dow Jones Index (DJI) only comprises of 30 firms, aiming to offer a barometer for the stock market’s health.