Google to extend Street View application to airports and railway stations


World’s leading search engine Google, has decided to expand its Google Street View application to airports and railway stations in order to facilitate as many users as possible.

google street view

The Street View team can now give you the inner view of different global airports, train platforms and a cable car stop situated in Hong Kong.

Traveling persons who lose their paths at airports and train stations can now get assistance from Google Street View to in order to locate their destinations.

The everywhere and every time present navigation service has offered its facility to as many as 16 airports worldwide, over 50 train and subway platforms along with a cable car station in Hong Kong. A Google map shows the places of all the latest Street View transit points.

Now a user can easily take an imitated wide view tour of the Waterloo station located in London, the international terminals of the Tokyo Airport, the arrival desk at the Madrid-Barajas Airport in Spain, or the interior of an airplane standing at Dubai International Airport in UAE.

The team behind this Street View project mentioned these latest spots as “our inaugural efforts,” in a blog. With the help of this new facility, more and more public transportation stations can be seen from inside.

The latest street views can provide aid to a user in finding the desired place in a particular area or merely need an enhanced preview of the upcoming airport or train hub on your journey.