Google gained its 32% revenue from mobile search ads


The recent push in mobile sector profits indicates that it benefited giants like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple, either in positive or negative ways.

Facebook’s Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recently quarterly stats revealed that mobile revenues generated earnings of $331 million and consist of 41% of ad revenues. A 30% share rise in the profits helped Facebook approach its price.

As far as Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is concerned, the mobile devices addiction damaged its core Windows franchise. The launch of Surface tablet wasn’t that lucrative, compelling an “inventory adjustment” of $900 million.

The reports proclaimed that the tech giant is limited to $4.97 billion profits. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) shares were slashed up to 11 % following concerns about post-PC environment.

The Trefis stated Microsoft “experience headwinds” in the tablet world due to fact that it’s gaining popularity while PC shipments are decreasing.

“As there are a plethora of high-end products such as Apple’s iPad and Google’s Android tablets, Windows 8 faces a tough competition to gain some space in the growing market,” the firm added.

“Cellular phones are becoming the backbone for the technology world,” he added.

“Several firms kick off with mobile and then switch to web and desktop. Mobile is dominating rather than lagging.”

He also said that Microsoft has not been up to the expectations of its consumers in its tablets or in Windows-running phones.

Google Inc. (GOOG) maintained its average results for the previous quarter due to a slip from recently owned Motorola handset unit.

Trefis stated that the search engine giant gained its 32% revenue from mobile search ads.

Analysts believe Google’s revenues escalated modestly to $3.23 billion.

Daniel Ernst at Hudson Square Research stated “Google is a highly innovative technology organization as so far, we credit it as the best digital advertising platform. Meanwhile, Google’s profits have yet to materially increase beyond search”.