Google Glass enables capture of image with a “blink of a single eye”


Search engine behemoth, Google, has now revealed a new attribute for its iconic Google Glass, which enables users to capture an image with a “blink of a single eye”.

google glass

Google claimed that this feature was quicker than the camera key or the sound action and works readily even if the display goes idle.

The software heavyweight also mentioned that the blink feature could be operated for several other things in the coming times, for instance, for the goods payment.

“Suppose a day where you’re travelling in the on the way in a cab and you blink your eye at the meter to pay the fare,” the firm quoted in a blog post.

“You blink your eye at a pair of boots at a shop door and your required is serviced to your home. User wink at a cooking recipe and the whole procedure is displayed right on your table – without moving your hands, no mess, no worry,” it said.

The optimized version of Google Glass, known as version XE12, also combines a screen lock spec and the facility to post and share videos on YouTube.

It should be noted that the firm has warned its customers that the Google Glass isn’t appropriate for kids below 13 years of age.

These upcoming incredible wearable devices are currently being experimented and are highly anticipated and speculated to arrive at the market shelves in the UK by early 2014.