Google in talks with Indian government for Project “Loon”


According to the latest reports from Wall Street Journal, search engine behemoth Google is been claimed to have negotiations with the Indian government in order to wrap off the covers from its next revolutionary and out-of-the-box Project codenamed “Loon”. This Loon project is basically a web-based project which enables the utilization of high-altitude balloons to focus affordable internet all over the planet to users who are deprived of internet a access.

The Wall Street mentioned Mohammad Gawdat, VP of business innovation at Google X, as highlighting that the company is aimed to unveil its commercial platform that would let internet coverage on ”every square inch” globally by the year 2016. He also quoted that Google was in close interaction with telcos and governments all over the world to fulfill this incredible dream.

Under the provisions of this mega project, it would deploy balloons that will rise as much as 20 km in the upper air and by the utilization of software algorithms, Loon will regulate the directions of balloons needed to go depending upon the wind. It initially kicked off as a pilot project in New Zealand with the release of some 30 balloons. Last year November, Google declared that Project Loon had got the power to release nearly 20 balloons each day.

A Google+ post claimed that it was made possible as the auto fill equipment had been optimized which has made the time to fill the balloon within 5 minutes.

The Google also mentioned that the balloons could now resist in air up to 10 times longer in the stratosphere in comparison to 2013 and majority of them had been rising for more than 100 days with 130 days being a record on the papers.