Google is all set to unlease Android Auto


Software behemoth Google is all set to fight once again with Cupertino-Based handset company Apple Inc. by unleashing its car-smartphone integration service, Android Auto.

The provision of Android Autos has been the ticket to the car-smartphone integration race for Google Inc. In comparison, Apple Inc. had been quick to intrude this lucrative automobile integration sector with the surfacing of its new service, Carplay at the WWDC in June.

Google is going to enable its subscribers to combine their Android-equipped smartphone with the car’s electronics, a view with the Google’s navigation map on the car’s display in the dashboard via Android Auto,. The user will be free to play music directly from the web, via their automobile’s audio system. Meanwhile, Apple’s CarPlay, also works in the identical pattern. CarPlay also lets its subscribers to initiate phone calls with the help of company’s voice-control-system, Siri. It can also play music from iTunes.

Other contemporary car manufacturers like as General Motors, Honda Motor Co Ltd, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and some others are also eager to join the party with this project. GM is reported to provide both Android Auto and CarPlay in 14 of its upcoming 2016 Chevrolet models. In contrast, Sonata Sedans and Hyundai will be equipped Android Auto as part of a free software upgrade.

The Car-integration ecosystem is far bigger than the rivalry of Google and Apple. Independent consortium, MirrorLink, is also a key player in the race. Meanwhile, IHS Automotive, a market watchdog, claims that Android Auto and CarPlay will surface as the front-runners in this race. IHS speculates that the smartphone-integrated car sales will cross 85 million units mark by the end of this decade. The research firm forecasts that Google will lag behind by receiving 36% of the overall market share, in comparison to Apple’s 43% shares.