Google launched latest OS Android L


World leading search engine giant, Google, has left no stone upturned to empower our daily lives with its state-of-the-art operating systems.  This time around, at the annual I/O developer 2014 conference held in San Francisco, Google launched the latest version of cellular OS under the name of Android L. In addition to this, another custom variant particularly designed to cater the needs of smartwatches, Android TV and Automobiles is revealed as the Android Wear. , Android TV and Android Auto, which is handy in data projection in auto dash screens.


So far, Android has managed to lure over 1 billion active subscribers worldwide and Google targets to integrate that number up to five billion smartphone consumers.

To meet this challenge, Google has launched “Android One“, which is a new forum to give assistance to the smartphone makers to design price-conscious devices with convenience. Google’s engineers will help in the identification and development of budgeted hardware and the Original Equipment Manufacturers will build it then.

These cost-effective will be powered with stock Android, same as the Nexus with Google Play. This depicts that consumers will take auto software updates in addition to the acknowledged apps from Play Auto-installs.

For this purpose, India has been chosen at first by Google as three of its makers namely Micromax, Karbonn and Spice will be employed. The first gadget of this line-up will be equipped with a 4.5-inch glass panel, Dual cameras, Dual SIM property, memory extension slot and an FM radio.

Google haven’t disclosed about the processor and storage capacity of these devices, however, if Google supervises hardware and software architecture, these devices are anticipated to come u with much more optimized performance in contrast to the contemporary cheap smartphones.

Meanwhile, other destinations worldwide such as emerging countries including Pakistan are not going to get this version soon. However, if this Android version arrives in Pakistan, it will surely be welcomed by the local users as current inexpensive are lacking the software update feature.