Google has launched planet’s biggest solar power plant near California


Search engine giant, Google has launched the planet’s biggest solar power plant near the California border.

The facility codenamed as Ivanpah Solar power facility employs some 347,000 solar panels to generate a mighty 392 MW of power. This amount of electricity production is ample for enlightening over 140,000 houses in California.


Google has reportedly thrown almost $168 million into this project. It is the most recent of the 15 investment plans in a single year Google has said to make in renewable energy resources. The current project has taken Google higher than the $1 billion figure it planned for wind and solar energy investments.

Google’s director of energy plans, Rick Nedham commented on CNBC as, “Google has put more than one billion dollars in almost 15 mega power projects that are enough to yield 2 MW of electricity. Google is investing heavily in such businesses as they are essential for the sustainability of our company.”

The California-based Ivanpah project was built for almost $2.2 billion. Federal government provided loans of $1.6 billion for this plant. NRG and BrightSource Energy are the other major partners of Google in this project. In this plant, solar panels send the light absorbed onto the boilers placed on 3 towers, which in turn converts water into steam which is the driving force for generators. Research shows that this facility will help in capturing as much carbon dioxide each year, which is nearly equivalent to the emissions from 72,000 autos.

Needham pointed that Google’s 34 % operations rely on renewable energy sources.

On the other hand, the launch of Ivanpah power plant has produced anger amongst the wildlife activists as they term it as a danger to the wildlife species. Wildlife organizations have also accused the power plant authorities of burning birds to death because of the ferocious heat it produced.

Google has launched several green peace campaigns to gain a respectable position in the lineup of environment friendly tech firms.