Google Nexus 5 for £299 and Android 4.4 kitkat looks great


Google has removed covers from its latest flagship device Nexus 5 aimed at taking the best out of its Android operating system while also unifying hardware and software. Google has solved two problems with the release of this phone: it’s a superior handset, but one that comes with the latest Android OS software is designed to give top performance even on lazy handsets.

google nexus 5

The Nexus 5 has a recommended price of £299. LG have provided its plastic body a matt touch that is neither slippery nor substandard. It comes with a large 4.95” display and is encircled super-slim bezels. It certainly looks great at max brightness, like its other Android opponents. It has an 8MP camera with no removable storage. It is enabled with wireless charging if you have an appropriate charger. The 4G feature is also great. The 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 dual-core processor and a 2 GB RAM makes it a super-fast smartphone.

The new thing, of course, is its new operating system by Google. Android 4.4 KitKat definitely improve on the touch of slippery previous designs. This time a plethora of new attributes are added to the new OS.A translucent Google search bar is placed at the top of each page, new updated icons, slide on the left for Google Now, the predictive search will offer you suggestions, for instance, you are standing at a bus stop and you might need the schedule of buses leaving. The phone dialler is also been upgraded, with in search attributes, and Google’s very own Hangouts app now also provides SMS solution. A few changes should’ve been with voice, like setting position-aware alerts, but all Google phones gets these updates eventually.

The most important application of all, which is totally hidden, is that everything now works smooth from the Google Search app, making it simpler for Google to encounter the issues of Android.

Android now needs minimized memory for its installation on high-end smartphones. The latest upgrade of the software works not just on smartphones but on wearable’s like smart glasses, smart watches and other devices. The vivid impression of Nexus 5 Google yields yet another sophisticated smartphone that makes its mark: its new OS can not only make high-end devices sold for a reasonable cost, but it can also enlighten innovative ideas that will lead by example for others to build such a device.