Google offers free Gmail Voice Calls in U.S. And Canada in 2013


Google continued with its traditional holiday surprises as it just announced that it is extending it free Gmail service for yet another year on domestic calls in the U.S. and Canada .

The announcement came from Google was:

Many of users call using Gmail to easily connect with family and friends. If you live in Canada or US you will continue to enjoy free domestic calls through 2013. Moreover, in most countries, you will still be able to call the rest of the world using Gmail at very cheap rates.

free Gmail calls

Earlier Google made similar announcement in the end of year 2010 and 2011 for free voice calls on Gmails chat widget.

Google first introduced the voice call service in August 2010. Initially the company announced that the voice calling service will be free for one year but its interesting that it has been extending it.

Google Voice also offers free domestic calls.However there have been no major updates for the srvice in year 2012 exceot features of integration with Google plus and an updated Android application.