Google plans to buy DeepMind at price of $400 million


Google plans to buy DeepMind, London-based artificial intelligence company for $400 million.


Demis Hassabis, neuro-scientist is the owner of DeepMind. This is the latest move by the Google to strengthen its list of artificial intelligence experts. Larry Page, Google CEO led the acquisition. Google, in December 2012, hired entrepreneur and author Ray Kurzweil as a director for its engineering domain on machine learning and language processing.

The addition of Deepmind to Google will help the company to compete major tech companies as most of them are focusing on deep learning. Facebook recently hired Yann LeCunn, a professor at NYU to look its lab for artificial intelligence. IBM’s Watson supercomputer is also working on the deep learning as well as Yahoo acquisition of LookFlow is also a step forward for deep learning group.

DeepMind’s site home page says that it is leading artificial intelligence company and its aim is to learn and build algorithms for simulations, games and e-commerce.

Carnegie Mellon professor Larry Wasserman In 2012, wrote that they are trying to build a system genius enough to think itself. The original idea came from Shane [Legg].Initially he sounded it crazy until but later he was told that a number of famous billionaires have invested in the company.