Google plans to unveil its Nexus 7 tablet with intel chip


Technology giant,  in next year. This news has been making the enthusiast curious as whether or not ASUS will repeatedly design the product for Google, and what will be the nature of System-on-Chip under the hood.

The recent online speculations suggest that the upcoming Nexus 7 version will be equipped with an Intel chip. Precisely, the next year version of Nexus 7 is coming with a Bay Trail processor like as the Z3740 or Z3770. Google will be happy to join its forces with Asus’ with its capability to deploy the hardware, as it currently has been exposed to work with Bay Trail, which is the main component in the firm’s T-100 convertible Windows devices.

Intel is getting its concentration on the mobile industry nowadays, and building Nexus 7 with its hardware would be a landmark for it. It wouldn’t be ample to make a change against ARM, but it would definitely provide Intel the necessary momentum and might design other tablet manufactures more imminently to regard an Intel foundation.

Meanwhile, the question arises whether the Z3770 is robust enough to cope with a next generation tablet. There are standards floating all over cyberspace (comprising of our own), which reflects that it is a match winner. But can it resist until the Q3 of next year or after that, which is the time when the Nexus 7 is anticipated to unleash.