Google quest of taming robots continues


Search engine heavyweight Google is without any doubts, very creative when it comes to unveiling innovative, new and out of the box ideas but at this instant, they might’ve outperformed themselves. At the start of the 2013, Andy Rubin, the genius behind Android abandoned his job for the cost of a “moonshot”.

As the picture gets clearer, that eventual aim was robotics. Google’s upcoming mightiest adventure will presumably bring robots nearer to people, meanwhile, specifically in which way?? It is still known.

Andy Rubin said in an interview to the New York Times, “I have previously made my hobbies transformed into a career. This is the greatest job after being an engineer and an innovator; you should sort out different ways you would need to make for your life.

“Just as any moonshot, you certainly have to consider the time as an important factor. We require ample platform and a decade vision.”

“I am looking forward to Andy Rubin’s upcoming project,” CEO Larry Page posted on his Google Plus profile. “His previous huge bet, Android, kicked off as a mad idea that transformed a supercomputer to be placed in billions of bags. It might be very early days to predict anything, and I am curiously waiting to see the progress.”

Rumors are still unclear about the innovative and out of the box that is circulating in Google’s mind. The software giant has readily purchased as many as seven firms in Japan and the USA to assist it in pursuing its dreams.

While Google already uncovering a plethora of sophisticated projects like Google Glass and un-manned automobiles, the company may have been up to the mark to unleash some special and unparalleled ideas but its recent quest of taming robots might become its biggest donation to the mankind.