Google, Samsung cross licensing deal strike patent


Google and Samsung have inked a long-term cross-licensing deal to cover their existing patents. The deal will also cover the patents filed over the next 10 years.


The two tech giants didn’t uncover the deal details and what the patents and technologies covers, but only informed that the deal would be “mutually beneficial.” The deal is a big success and shows that even big companies like Apple and Samsung can work together by safeguarding interests of one another.

“Google and Samsung have displayed that there are more benefits in cooperation than in engaging in unnecessary patent disputes”, said Seungho Ahn, Samsung’s Intellectual Property Center head, in a press release.

Allen Lo, counsel for patents at Google, also commented that “Both the companies while working together on agreements like this, can reduce the litigation and focus much on innovation.”

Although Samsung has safeguarded itself against Google but its war against rival Apple continues. Apple and Samsung have have sued one another for past many years. Apple accused Samsung of copying its patents like using technology for making a screen bounce back etc. over In US courts Apple has been victorious so far over Samsung. The upcoming case of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5, goes to trial on March 31.

Both the companies have been asked to settle the matter out of court by February 19. However, a settlement seems unlikely.