Google and Samsung raised concerns over Microsoft Nokia patents issue


World’s leading technology behemoths, Google and Samsung have requested Chinese authorities to make sure that Microsoft shouldn’t get much of the Nokia’s patents with mounting licensing charges, as per the latest reports from Bloomberg.

Both these market front-runners have joined hands with Chinese telecom heavyweights such as ZTE Corp and Huawei to raise their concerns regarding Microsoft’s influence in the smartphone sector. A couple of Chinese government officials also verified this news.

The government official also mentioned that both these tech firms asked the Chinese regulators to reveal the terms and regulations of this agreement.

Bloomberg found out that Commerce ministry in china has initiated a policy to ensure that no monopoly is practiced and the agreement is almost imminent. Last December, the EU regulators recommended the takeover regardless of any terms.

Reuters did inquired Google and Samsung to get their viewpoint on this matter but the companies didn’t respond to the request whereas Nokia rejected to say anything on this critical issue.