Google is secretly working on Nexus 6


Latest reports have revealed that Google is secretly working on developing its upcoming smartphone codenamed Nexus 6 with the collaboration of Korean consumer electronics firm; LG. reports anticipate that Google might also come up with its inaugural smartwatch as a number of tech firms like Samsung and Sony has launched a plethora of its mainstream wearable timepieces. Goggle is also said to keep pace with the leading smartphone makers such as Samsung and Apple as they recently launched their flagship smart devices.

Sundar Pichai, Android’s boss also admitted that they are developing the next smartphone.

According to the authentic German sources, the upcoming Nexus will be identical to the LG G3, which is also under construction.

It is interesting to note that Chinese PC giant Lenovo, which recently acquired Motorola from the search engine behemoth, has been considered for this job. Analyst anticipate that Google must be following the footsteps of leaders like Samsung to bring its smartphone and smartwatch side by side as it did by releasing the latest of its mainstream smartphones Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Gear 2.

Google must be working pretty hard to get its maiden wearable devices as soon as possible but consumers are highly anticipating about its much-talked Google Glass. Rumors suggest that Google might come up with its next innovation somewhere around midst of this ongoing year, presumably at the end of June. The search engine heavyweight might organize the I/O summit, in which it would disclose the exact time frame for the arrival of theses revolutionary devices.