Google is in talks to acquire Emu, a messaging application


Planet’s favorite search engine giant, Google is in talks to acquire Emu, a messaging application that adds context to message chats. This news was revealed by the startup that developed this software.

A farewell note was tagged by Emu on its webpage on yesterday, notifying its subscribers that it would be closing down the app on Aug. 25 in order to work under Google prior to that. After the disclosed date, current Emu customer would not be able to send, receive or download messages.


The message on Emu website reads as, “We’re pretty much excited to become a part of world’s best search engine platform but in order to concentrate on our next consignment; we need to shut our previous operations.”

Google, in this regard, has also verified the takeover of this messaging app but would not reveal the terms and conditions of this acquisition.

Emu operates marginally like Siri or Google Now precisely, by including concerned information to messages after subscribers enter them. It utilizes navigation awareness and artificial intelligence to show information regarding a number of subjects, such as locations and movies, or assist you timeline a calendar event or book a table for a dinner at a restaurant.

The identical face of Emu to Siri is not overwhelming, as Emu boss Gummi Hafsteinsson has been formerly employed with Siri’s technology at Apple.

However, clues are still vague how Google is going to integrate Emu’s attributes into its technology but the company has been aggressively expanding up its messaging and communications facilities.