Google to unveil a developer API for its upcoming camera


SOFTWARE DEVELOPER and search engine giant Google, has addressed speculations regarding a camera API update for Android enabled handsets.

The internet behemoth certified that the discarded code got by hackers demolishing the new Android 4.4 Kitkat code is actually work in progress for an upcoming camera API, and that it will provide a plethora of much anticipated features.

Help for RAW format images have been provided to Nokia smartphones recently. The RAW image format is, to utilize a clumsy metaphor, same as a WAV file for pictures, fully uncompressed, letting aid for much advanced feature cameras.

With Nokia already unveiling its sophisticated 41MP cameras, the advent of RAW support could possibly become the start of ultra high resolution cameras in the near future.

Another new feature is native assistance for “burst mode” photography. A large number of third party and OEM cameras have given burst mode, which has the ability to capture a plethora images in swift succession while taking a moving picture, meanwhile, it will be the first ever exposure that it has been offered out of the box.

Often, the limit of a burst mode shot is 15 images of a vague object that might or might not meet what the consumer was actually trying to get.

Gina Scigliano of Google commented on Cnet as, “Android’s new camera HAL [hardware abstraction layer] and framework works fine on RAW and burst-mode photo capturing.” She added, “We will unveil a developer API in an upcoming launch to showcase some scintillating functionality of the HAL,” she said.

A quest for camera functionality in handset has reappeared in the recent couple of months. Due to the restrictions of a fixed, non-zooming lens, camera technology had been at below par, but with the arrival of state of the art and more advanced software alternatives are becoming easily approachable, it appears that the future cameras will have tremendously high megapixel resolutions in 2014.