Google working to achieve data transfer speed of 10 GBps


Search engine giant Google has been reportedly said to work on speeding up its data transfer connections that would enable Google Fiber facility appear like dial-up.

Patrick Pichette, CFO Google, said that the company is eyeing to achieve a brisk speed of almost 10 GBps. The top speed Google Fiber offers so far is 1 GBps in Kansas City, as per to USA Today reports.

Theoretically speaking, a 10-GB speed is almost 1,000 times agile in contrast to the average broadband connection provided in America. This speed is also 400-500 times greater than the standard internet connection, as per David Belson, when interviewed by NBC News.

“Imagine you are driving on the eight-lane motorway and it’s going good, until you collide into a toll plaza, and it stops eventually. The same is the case with broadband connection,” David added.

Suppose a user downloads a program indirectly other than the facility to work on a 10-GB platform, then user can’t have the liberty to enjoy that incredible speed for downloads.

Several Google-operated websites such as YouTube, has claimed to begin supporting internet-rigorous 4K videos.

Google Fiber is now planning to start its services in several other U.S. cities of Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah. It would be useless to start thinking about downloading UHD cat videos.

However, this innovative step by Google could be a pathfinder for other internet services providers.

“Google is placing some extra burden on the system, along with the imposed carriers to come up with an internet speed that has been never experienced before anywhere on the planet”, Belson claimed.