HTC is expected to soon release its smart watch One wear


According to the latest claims from the tech blog TKTechNews, Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has been almost done with its project of smartwatch codenamed as One Wear. The company is been anticipated to release its first-ever smart wearble timepiece somewhere around this fall. The tech blog also said that a trailer of smartwatch has been released, however, the details of its working and software seems to be bleak so far.


In the latest advancements in the technological space, Smartwatches are turning the tables in its favor and are claimed to be the next level in mobile technology market. Search engine giant, Google, has been rumored to have designed a fresh AndroidWear suite for smartwatches and other wearable gadgets.
Lenovo-owned Motorola has just launched its iconic Moto 360 with a circular display, also operates on Google’s software. On the contrary, Samsung’s current Galaxy Gear has been loaded with its very-own Tizen software. Samsung has been tremendously emphasizing on developing its own OS in order to maintain its supremacy in the global mobile market.

With the smartwatch ecosystem getting populous with the passage of time, researchers forecast of an overwhelming growth in the near future. In 2013, almost 1.9 million units of smartwatches were sold all over the globe; however, Strategy Analytics recent survey indicates an unbelievable 250 percent jump in its sales in Q1 of 2014.

As far as the OS in concerned, Android is undoubtedly the jack of all trades. It occupies nearly 61 percent of the entire smartwatches sales in 2013. TKTechNews also highlighted that HTC One Wear will be competing with the Moto 360. It will be loaded with a contour screen panel and Android Wear integration, giving Google one more smartwatch brand in the market.

Furthermore, big guns like Apple and Microsoft are most likely to join the smartwatch battlefield presumably by the end of 2014. Hence the later half of this year will see a tough, severe and throat-cutting contest between the major tech firms in order to claim the crown of smart wearable devices kingdom.