HTC and Nokia settled patent lawsuits


HTC, Taiwan’s smartphone maker has settled a patent with Finnish phone giant Nokia in technology collaboration agreement with the aim of ending all the pending patent litigation between them.


HTC under the current deal will make payments to the Finnish company. The collaboration will take into account HTC’s LTE patent portfolio which will strengthen Nokia’s licensing offering.

HTC and Nokia will also collaborate to explore the future technology opportunities, HTC said. The complete details of agreement are kept confidential.

Grace Lei, general counsel of HTC said that Nokia is pioneer in smart phones industry and also possess a strong patent portfolio. HTC sees agreement with Nokia very positive and is pleased to to stay more focused on the innovation for consumers.

Nokia also said that the company is pleased to reach on a settlement with the Taiwanese firm, said Paul Melin, Nokia chief intellectual property officer.

Nokia had started some 50 law suits against HTC in 2012 worldwide. HTC so far was found violating four Nokia patents.

HTC and Apple also had 20 cases worldwide and both reach on settlement in late 2012.

HTC not only sells its own smartphones but also make smartphones for leading U.S companies like Google’s Nexus One.

In third quarter of 2013, HTC suffered its first net loss of $101 million, however posted a net profit of $10.3 million in the fourth quarter.