HTC, is secretly designing mini HTC One codename M8


Recent speculations from anonymous sources reveal that Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC, is secretly designing the smaller or mini variant of its latest mainstream device, the HTC One (M8). In this regard, some of the pictures of this upcoming smartphone have also been leaked on the web.

A famous Twitter profile known for its authentic leaks, named as EVLeaks, has uploaded a plethora of leaked images which are anticipated to be of the upcoming HTC One mini 2. One can easily identify that the new smartphone is just a sister-variant of the renowned HTC One (M8), as far as design and shape is concerned.
Meanwhile, certain features are different like it doesn’t sport a Duo camera facility and a dual-LED light on its rear. The main function of the Duo Camera is to utilize the depth sensing, with which focus of a picture can be changed prior to its capture.

Likewise the One (M8), the smaller version is not going to come up with capacitive touch keys for maneuvering rather it will be equipped with soft buttons placed on the screen.

Some of the leaked images from PhoneArena shows its rear side and bezel edges. The website also forecast that the new HTC One mini 2 is going to come up with colored accents on the side bezels that will cover the phone antennas. Leaked images disclosed that a silver colored model will feature yellow accents on its sides.