Huawei, joins 5G infrastructure Association in Europe


Huawei, Chinese telecommunication behemoth has been reportedly elected to work in collaboration with the board of the 5G infrastructure Association in Europe. The telecom vendor has a substantial and decisive presence in more than 140 nations all over the globe.

The company has mentioned that Dr. David Soldani of Huawei European Research Center will be its head on the board.

Just to mention, the 5G Infrastructure Association is a global non-profit organization centered in Gent, Belgium. It initiates 5G communication systems and networks research, the homework of international standards concerned with 5G in addition to the regulatory debates on upcoming frequency bands topics.

The association represents the private sector within the 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G-PPP), a conglomerate of worth 1.4 billion euro (1.9 billion US dollars) between the European ICT industry and the European Commission.

The 5G-PPP focuses on practicing the next generation of communication networks that is going to offer omnipresent high-speed coverage for Europe and other destinations all over the world.
Huawei is going to be a vital part of the 5G Infrastructure Association, participating to cater the preferences of European Union in 5G research and integrating the discussions to a more and more of stakeholders.