Huawei launches lucrative wearable ring


Chinese handset and technology behemoth Huawei has entered the lucrative and exciting world of wearble tech with the release of its inaugural ring. The wearable ring along with the hi-tech watch, first of its kind, was unleashed at the eve of recent Mobile World Congress. The Huawei Watch is the inaugural smartwatch for the company.


The Huawei smartwatch is, as expected, a contour Android Wear timepiece, with a 400×400 1.4-inch AMOLED touch display glass. The display of the watch is very nice and sophisticated and is simply one of the most vibrant displays currently available in the market. The watch envelops a stainless steel chassis, a 42mm round shape along with the inclusion of corrosive-resistant material.

Under the hood of this watch, user can see a built-in capacity of 4GB with a RAM of 512 MB, a high-tech motion sensor, and a chipset clocked at 1.2GHz. Users will be offered with as many as 40 unique watch faces to select from. Watch will be available in different eye-catching colors such as gold, silver, black and offers lugs for interchangeable straps. The provision of magnetic charging station will make it a lot more convenient to charge the smartwatch.

The Huawei watch can easily be supported by any Android phone operating on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or higher via Bluetooth LE. The other company-inserted features include SMS, email and calendar, app, and phone call alerts. The main function of the motion sensor is to encounter notifications whether you are walking, running, etc. another sensor which can be quite handy in certain circumstances is the heart rate sensor which measures heartbeat with accuracy and precision.

The first Huawei Watch will hit the market shelves in over 20 countries; however, the price tag of this high-end wearable is not yet disclosed by the manufacturer.