Hussey to Retire After Third Test


Michael Hussey has surprised the cricketing world by announcing that he is going to retire from tests after the third test to be played between Australia and Sri Lanka in Sydney starting from 3rd January, 2013. He was in no way showing signs of decline in performance or physical fitness. His test career started in 2005-2006 against West Indies at the age of 30. Before that, he had proved his worth at the domestic level scoring more than 15,000 runs.


Hussey revealed that the reason for his retirement was not lack of motivation or performance based. But he wanted to spend more time with his family as the international cricket demanded lot of travelling and practicing. According to Hussey, it was not a sudden decision as he had already thought about retirement before the start of the summer. He will no longer be a part of team for Indian tour and the Ashes. His loss has made the team more vulnerable as it was under a buildup stage after the earlier retirement of Ricky Ponting. He told that he was not worried about the future of the team as there were many upcoming talented players who would take up the challenge to play at the top of the game. He was happy to leave on a high note.

Also known as Mr Cricket because of his encyclopedic knowledge of the sports, he has appeared so far in 77 tests scoring 6118 runs with an average of 51.41. He is likely to play in ODI and T20 matches. He is equally successful in all the formats of the game. Hussey declared himself lucky to be a part of team having greats like Warne, McGrath, Ponting, Hayden, Gilchrist etc.

Cricket Australia now has to select a suitable replacement for Hussey. No individual has been nominated so far to fill this gap.