IDC latest reports unveils 258 million smartphones sale in 2013


IDC latest reports unveil that the Smartphone sales have reached a record in the third quarter of ongoing year. Among the top earners are Samsung and Apple which continue to dominate the market. Handset manufacturers sold almost a phenomenal 258 million smartphones, which see a rise of about 39% from the past year period, and is also crossed the earlier record of 237 million units.


Samsung has been the top contender with a convincing 31% of the market share. Apple was in the second spot with a 13% market in its hands.

Meanwhile other players in the smartphone business beside these two dominant companies, led by Huawei, Lenovo and LG, managed to post annual growth of over 70% each. The results also left behind the popular Google Inc.’s Android, which has been the pick of the operating system by many users over the world.

IDC analyst Ramon Llamas stated “In 3Q13, Chinese firms such as Huawei and Lenovo left LG behind, and came very near the other two more Chinese firms, Coolpad and ZTE”. “Any of these players can possibly move up and down in the list again next quarter. Apart from having almost identical shipment volumes and figures, they are all relying on Android operating system. This has been a significant part their huge success, but it also showcases the popularity of the world’s most favorite operating platform.”