Intel sees stabilized PC market in 2014


Intel is optimistic about PC market and sees its comeback, with the company reported high fourth-quarter PC sales as compared in the prior year. Intel reported moderate gains in the revenue of fourth quarter of 2013.


However, Intel fell a little short of revenues what Wall Street analysts were hoping for.

 In year 2013 Intel’s net income for fourth-quarter was $2.6 billion, which is up from $2.5 billion compared to quarter year-ago. Intel Revenue show a rise of 3 percent to $13.8 billion in the fourth quarter. Intel reported net earnings of 51 cents on each share, which is up by 6 percent from earnings of 2012’s fourth-quarter , but still a bit lower as Yahoo Finance analysts expected 52 cents a share. Intel’s revenue however beat the analyst projections of $13.72 billion.

Brian Krzanich, Intel chief executive statement said that Intel had a solid fourth quarter with good signs for PC segment as well the financial growth from a year ago. Intel over the years built a strong business foundation by bringing a lot of innovation to market much more quickly in a wide range of computing platforms, he added.

Krzanich cited that last week’s CES was a success in which intel demonstrated wearable tech and Intel’s RealSense 3D camera.

Intel so far is mainly using “Haswell” Core processor in its PC platform but by October its next-generation chip, Broadwell, will be rolled out.

Intel said that its revenue in PC-Client Group was almost flat on year-over-year basis at $8.6 billion, and the average prices fell. Average desktop prices, surprisingly, climbed by 5 percent, whereas notebook prices downed by 7 percent. Intel reported that in 2013, PC client revenues were downed by 4 percent to almost $33 billion.

Intel in a statement said that it saw the PC market stabilize in back half of year, with higher PC sales in fourth quarter as compared to a year ago. PC and tablet combined sales climbed to 10 percent.

 Intel’s Data Center Group during the fourth quarter,reported revenue of $3.0 billion which is up by     8 percent as compared to the year ago. Revenues in 2013 for all rose 7 percent to $11.2 billion.

 Intel did well in other businesses and reported 9 percent of year-over-year growth, $4.1 billion for the year. Intel has predicted that there would be decline in revenues by 7 percent in first quarter of 2014  to $12.8 billion.