Japan Display Inc to built displays for Apple iPhone


As per the latest speculations from authentic sources, Japan Display Inc is showing its interest in building a facility in order to supply smartphone displays for smartphone giant Apple Inc and is also said to be in talks with the U.S. firm.

The Japanese display manufacturer aims to be the major supplier of high-tech display glasses for Apple’s hugely famous iPhones. Latest iPhone sales have beefed up remarkably to highlight Apple as the most profitable firm in history.

Japanese manufacturers are asking Apple to invest as much as 200 billion yen ($1.7 billion) investment in the facility, which could possibly become operational in 2016.

The Japanese firm mentioned in a press release that it was repeatedly pursuing improvement and chances to showcase its caliber, competitiveness and abilities including the designing of this plant.

The sources claim that the anticipated site for the facility is in Ishikawa, central Japan. It would have a massive capacity which makes 50,000 of the 1.5 by 1.85 metre sheets per month for iPhone 6 displays and other uses.

Japan Display was born in a government-supported deal back in 2012 from the dying display departments of Sony Corp, Toshiba Corp and Hitachi Ltd, has managed a cemented place in the market since its listing in Tokyo in 2014.

Japan Display posted a rebound to profit from previous two quarters of losses, grew by Apple and Chinese smartphone manufacturer demands. The company is having a furious rivalry with Japanese Sharp Corp.
The market shares of Japan Display rose by 14 percent in early trade on the latest news before closing up 5.4 percent. Sharp’s shares saw a cut by 2 percent.