Jolla open doors for Ex Nokia employees


Jolla is a cellular phone manufacturer startup constituted by a group of former Nokia officials who were functioning on a latest mobile suite known as ‘Meego’ which was discarded by Nokia back in 2011 under the supervision of former boss Stephen Elop. As Microsoft has recently decided to show the exit doors to a whopping 18000 staff of their in a bid to breathe some fresh air, Jolla has shown their interest and keenness to appoint those employees who had Nokia background, as per the statement quoted by Jolla Head of Communications Juhani Lassila.


Last month, Microsoft stunned its staff by declaring that it is going to terminate some 18,000 of its workforce over duration of upcoming 12 months.

Planet’s leading software giant Microsoft is going through a process of transition as it laid off its biggest job cut ever by rusticating more than 12,500 employees of Nokia devices and services after taking over it in April 2014 for a USD 7.2 billion deal.

Under the umbrella of Meego portfolio, Nokia has only one handset unveiled under the name of Nokia N9 back in 2011, and this project by associated by computer chip firm Intel.

Afterwards, Nokia executive, Stephen Elop, who is now employed in Microsoft, decided to opt for Windows OS in their handset and launched their flagship and super-hit line-up of Lumia series smartphones which is still popular among Nokia users. Elop now works under the capacity of EVP of Microsoft Devices Group prior to the takeover of Nokia handset unit by Microsoft earlier this year.

At present, Jolla has managed to work in specific locations such as Helsinki and Tampere, Finland and Hong Kong, SAR of China. Jolla wrapped off the covers from its inaugural smartphone for almost Rs 34,000 by the end of this year on its new stage alias “Sailfish” and is now integrating their business worldwide.