Lenovo profits increased by 30 percent


Chinese PC giant Lenovo has released its Q3 revenues and shipments figures. This report clearly indicates that the profits have been much higher than projected.

Lenovo experienced sales boost of its notebooks and handheld devices in developing markets like China and Asia Pacific. Lenovo profits increased by 30 percent to reach the tally of $265 million, whereas the analysts had anticipated $247 million sales.

The BBC pointed out that Lenovo claimed that its earnings rose by 15% to an incredible 10.8 billion dollars, with thanks largely to its shipments in Chinese territories. This increase indicates a 15 % of annual boost to the sales.

Furthermore, the firm highlighted that its coming statistics would be greatly affected by its current buyout of cheap IBM’s server division and Motorola Mobility also.

For the acquisition of these two units, Lenovo gave over $5 billion, equaling 50 percent its market share.

The report also mentions that investors are not happy with the Lenovo’s takeover, since these are not lucrative. In reply to this, Lenovo keeps on sticking to its longer-term policy to minimize its dependence on desktop shipments and also post its dominance in the markets of smartphones and servers.

As far as stats are concerned, Lenovo sold a whopping 32.6 million units in Q3, which are almost 5 units per second. This pile of devices comprised of smartphones, PCs and notebooks. Lenovo PCs market surprisingly jumped by 9.1 % on annual basis. Notebook and laptop shifts turned out to be the apple of Lenovo’s eye as it yielded nearly half of its earnings.

Lenovo sold over 17.3 million smartphones and tablets whereas desktop PCs count was 15.3 million for the third quarter. Lenovo hit the jackpot with a record 3.4 million tablet sales, nearly 300 percent in contrast to the identical duration of 2012.