LG clinched second place from Apple in handset sales in U.S. market


LG has snatched the second slot in U.S. smartphones market from Apple. LG has posted high sales and says that these high sales are attributed to LG’s Optimus G remarkable sales.LG crossed one million sales mark last week.LG Optmus G after its launch in October last year saw very weak turn out but now in December it gained a good profit for LG.


Tech giant Samsung is still on the top with 33 percent sales.HTC and Motrola stands at 8 and 9 percent respectively.Counterpoint Research firm also reported that LG,the Korean firm is gaining popularity and high profits in US markets.

Sales of LG smartphones in the month of December in the US surprisingly raise to 13 percent for all types of LG mobile devices. iPhone maker Apple sales were at 12 per cent,reported by The Yonhap.
In response, LG spokesperson said that LG’s new Optimus G are gainingmomentum in U.S. smartphones market as well as North American market.

Counterpoint Research said that earlier LG missed the second position in 3rd quarter of 2011 in U.S. market after Apple’s iPhone 4S launch.However, so far LG is specific to LGF optimus sales and didn’t mention any other LG handset that attributed to good sales in December. LG didn’t mention anything about LG manufactured Google’s Nexus 4. LG sales variety of handsets ordinary featured as well as high end smartphones whereas Apple just rely on iPhones.

Moreover the high sales of LG are only for the month of December and nothing is more clear for quarter sales.Ironically the December high sales are also due to the Christmas buying period.LG is expected to release its fourth quarter earnings on 30 January,Wednesday. Apple, the iPhone and iPad maker is going to release first fiscal first quarter earnings on January 23 and is expected to post a 3 per cent year-over-year decline.