LG is expected to launch first G3 with QHD display


The clash of titans between the two top smartphone heavyweights from South Korea seems to be just around the corner as LG group has reportedly claimed to unleash their next generation handset in order to lock horns with the latest beast from Samsung, the Galaxy S5. Samsung now finds itself in great jeopardy as it has to face a native rival besides a foreigner at the very same time; as everyone knows the foreigner!! (It’s none other than the US handset provider, Apple).

Samsung has an innate habit of claiming its devices to be the best available in the market, but LG’s confidence shows that it has got something special in its bag. LG is, no doubt, an authentic and credible brand when it comes to household electronics, however, it might not be as popular and famous like Samsung as far as smartphones are concerned. Besides gaining the title of best gadget of the 2013 by LG G2, it won’t be a piece of cake for the handset producer to fetch such massive market from the strong hands of Samsung.

With the claims of having more optimized technology in contrast to the iconic Galaxy S5, LG is “literally” challenging the mighty champion of the smartphone arena. LG is speculated to become the first smartphone maker to unleash its upcoming smartphone G3 with a quad high-definition (QHD) display panel. It means that G3 will be equipped with four times higher and true definition images as we see in a traditional 720 pixel display. If it turns out to be true, LG might take the possession of the throne of smartphone kingdom. In the pixel density count, LG also leads with 538 ppi to 432 ppi of Samsung.

Apart from other basic features, LG will also compete in the hardware category as its G3 device envelops its own-based octa-core chipset, alias “Odin.” The Odin silicon is four layered Cortex-A15 cores each clocked at 2.2GHz. This robust and heavy-duty processor will also get a surplus four cores in support, comprising of Cortex-A7 types processors synchronized at 1.7 GHz.

LG also says that its new cell phone will boost next level technology with a plethora of high-end and more enhanced features in its LG G3, thus taking the mobile innovation to a whole new level.

Samsung must be calm and quiet in this context as it was the first to unveil such a device which LG is going to do now. LG has got plans to wrap off the covers from its latest LG G3 by organizing multiple launch events at San Francisco, Istanbul, New York, London, Singapore, and Seoul at the close of this month.