LG smartphone LG G3 review and specs


South Korean consumer electronics and handset manufacturer LG has shown its caliber and the level of its expertise and mastery by unveiling its iconic smartphone LG G2 last year. To continue this successful streak, LG launched the successor to this phone under the name of LG G3, as it was among the most awaited phones of 2014. The launch of LG G3 got a warm welcome from customers all over the world as a worthy successor to the G2 but couldn’t meet the expectations due to a number of factors which were entitled to it.


In the emerging and developing markets, consumers are now more attracted towards price-conscious products with a more value for money by going for Android phones such as the Asus Zenfone 5 and the Xiaomi MI3.

Here is a detailed review of the hardware specifications enveloped in this high-end smartphone.


The LG G3 come up with a quite sober and simple yet functional design. The shape of the phone is very attractive due to its sleek, smooth and stylish brushed metal finish which also appears to offer it a better grip. A metallic ring brings in the phone all together. However, this rim juts out a bit from the level of the display and might annoy user on the ear while making and listening to long calls.

Screen: The LG G3 is a sturdy and powerful gadget having a massive 5.5-inch Quad-HD screen panel. This is the only phone available currently in the market having a Quad HD display besides the Oppo Find 7. This impressive display plays 2K videos with great ease and convenience. The exquisite Quad HD display brings in more quality while user enjoys streaming videos or watching movies on it.


LG has deployed a spectacular and high-performance 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core chipset and a cache memory of 3GB in this device which makes its performance even better than its contemporary phones in the market. The phone might annoy user at times due to slight reluctance at times to do stuff, a pause that is just short of becoming a nagging lag. This is presumably the major reason behind its low benchmark scores in comparison to its descendent, the LG G2.


Nowadays, camera sensors have got special importance in the specs of a smartphone as it play a vital role in capturing the memorable moments of a user. For this purpose, the G3 camera has been loaded with a plethora of fresh and exciting features. It is loaded with a main sensor of 13-MP and a secondary shooter of 2-MP capable of recording Full HD videos. It also sports a laser auto-focus; a one touch click option which merges with the multipoint laser AF making this among the fastest clickers available.
For photography in dim light, it is equipped with a dual flash light.


The G3 boosts a built-in storage capacity of 16GB, of which users get only 8.2GB. This suggests that user needs to get a good load of capacity on this device, especially if you plan to carry around content to play on the 2k display of this phone. For this purpose, the external slot supports up to 64GB, the largest cards available in the market right now.


The G3 is equipped with the latest of Android OS version KitKat 4.4, thus enabling user to get the best out of the new software. A number of useful features are an integral part of the User interface such as Knock Code, which is the best way to safeguard your handset. Other than that, the open apps screen has a grid view rather than the typical list, a dual window option suited for multitasking purpose. In addition to these, smart notification is also very instinctive and enables prompting you to do stuff that lets you make the best use of the device.


A robust 3200mAh battery helps the cause of long lasting power facility when it comes to playing a lot of videos on the 2K screen. It can easily operate up to 12 hours on the 3000 mAh battery segment.


Connectivity options comprise of 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, DLNA, NFC and Miracast.


The LG G3 is a good top-end smartphone with a handful of handy features for everyday usage. It is currently available for Rs. 61,000 for the 32 GB version in the local markets.


The LG G3 is an elegant, versatile and charismatic addition to the ranks of LG smartphone line-up. The handset proves its worth by offering the right kind of utilities and functions a user want in its daily routine whether he/she is sitting in his office, bedroom or outdoors. However, there is always a room for improvement. There is no doubt that G3 is a top performer for the company when it comes to quality, performance and operations by comparing it with its rivals but LG must have utilized this opportunity to come up with a device more effective and worth of its premium price.