McLaren to beat Porsche with next model P13 in price and performance


McLaren, third road car codenamed P13, will be designed to compete rival Porsche 911 Turbo so far its performance,price and driving thrills are concerned.

P13 is expected to sell in volumes of around 2500 a year and go on sale in early 2015.Although the car by McLaren will not be a budget-basement car but will build from carbon fibre MonoCell ‘tub’ that was developed for the MC12 supercar.


P13 in size will be smaller thanMC12 but equipped with same 3.8 litre V8 turbo charged engine.

The company’s executive chairman,Ron Dennis,while speaking to Autocar said that the P13 would be available as the hardtop upon its launch and would be joined  by convertible version later.

P13 powerplant will be tuned to produce 450 hp,166 lesser than version currently available in its other production cars.

As far as looks are concerned it resembles to  P1 flagship than the MC12. McLaren representatives told Autocar that the company has set its focus on Porsche, rather than Bentley or Aston Martin, with same price range of £120 000 (US$180 000) because McLaren was going after 911 Turbo and it is the only true sports car in that market segment.


Cars offered by the Aston Martin and the Bentley in the same price range are much focused on the long distance cruising instead of true performance and driver involvement.