Microsoft acquisition of Nokia is expected to complete by March


Officials at Nokia are expecting that the much-anticipated Microsoft acquisition of Nokia could possibly be done by March this year. Microsoft purchased Nokia’s devices division for $7.2 billion deal. However, this takeover saw a delay due to the present Nokia’s tax row with the Indian administration.

Nokia has already been awarded victory in a lawsuit regarding a tax dispute in India that was supposed to confiscate firm’s valuables consisting one mega production facility in Chennai.

The recent conflict in India is not considered as a serious threat to the Nokia Microsoft deal, officials at Nokia says. The thing now needed for the shutdown is regulatory recommendations and customary shutdown demands.

Microsoft is eyeing to employ Nokia’s mobile unit to surge the cellular phone market which is currently dominated by arch rivals Samsung and Apple and Chinese manufacturers. It might also be planning to optimize the features of its Windows operating system as users were not comfortable with the smartphones running on Windows platform.

Microsoft is also been claimed to let its Windows phones operate on Android application in order to enhance the growth of share market of Windows-based smart devices which have been under performing recently.

If this plan works the way Microsoft wants it to, it will undoubtedly grasp some serious ground for the software and technology behemoth. The major reason behind this under performance is that Microsoft staff is divided on this serious issue. Some sincere officials suggest that Android switching might be a pitfall for the windows portfolio.

With the expertise of new CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft might see some enhancements in its mobile sector. So far, Nadella has not given any magical touch to this issue matter but the coming future will make it vivid. However, Android application assistance will be advantageous for Microsoft in a bid to take over the ever growing developer ecosystem.