Microsoft has announced earnings of 2 billion dollars per year


The software giant, Microsoft Company has announced its earnings of 2 billion dollars each year by shipping licenses on utilizing of its flagship products to producers of Android-type gadgets. This reflects that the world’s leading operating system Android yields the software behemoth piles of extra cash than its very own OS Windows Phone.

The Profit margin of Android is projected at 95 percent. This hefty cash is bagged almost without any extra effort. The freely collected money is required only for legitimate implementation of transfer on selling its patents portfolio and, if needed, for court cases, as summoned by “Hi-tech” Department of the “Market Dominant”.

Yesterday, the firm got license charges from almost every producer of Android-type smart devices. As per analysts, Microsoft comprises of profit from vendors of Android-centric devices into “mobile segment”. Profit fee from the patents sellout is gathered with Skype, Xbox, and Windows Phone. If this extra profit is eliminated from Android, it is easily calculated that Microsoft is running short of 2.5 billion dollars on Skype, Xbox, and Windows Phone platform. Hence, the Xbox platform is responsible for these 2 billion dollars of loss

Stocks of Microsoft are still vague, as they grow at one instant and decline at the other. Analytics Team of Forex Trend suggests that the securities have no vivid movements yet.