Microsoft, has announced to produce its own dashboards for automobiles


As the e-car industry is making remarkable progress day by day, the leading tech companies are trying their hard out to test their fortunes in this unexplored and lucrative business. Recently US tech giants like Apple and Google made their contribution in this arena by revealing a plethora of projects. The search engine behemoth has plunged into its own vehicle alliance whereas Apple wrapped off the covers from CarPlay.


Following the footsteps of these tech leaders, software and technology heavyweight, Microsoft, has announced to produce its own impeccable dashboards for automobiles.

For this purpose, the display panel, Microsoft has placed in the cars appears to be identical to a massive Windows slate.

With this revolutionary display panel in the dashboard, users can get a number of handy functions such as call reception, switching to music and radio and desired application can also be installed from the online store. The display panel also gives user an insight about his location and surroundings.

For connecting a device with the car, MirrorLink is employed. MirrorLink is a popular connection attribute for the latest smartphones. When the connection goes operational, all the contents of the phone are automatically shown on the screen of dashboard.

This is so far the first experience for Microsoft to employ its expertise and showcase its potential in the e-car ecosystem.

In 2014, the number of cars shipped all over the planet is anticipated to surge up to a whopping 85 million. This might be a good omen for the technology giant to get in the fast-growing electronic-car industry, which will ultimately bring it more credibility in the technological world.