Microsoft has decided to offer an incredible 20GB of SkyDrive capacity


During the winter and holiday festivities, world’s leading software behemoth, Microsoft has decided to offer an incredible 20GB of SkyDrive capacity to its entire Windows Phone user base free of cost. But consumers should keep it mind that the storage on the web can only be availed for a period of 12 months, after which the space provider company may demand for its return.


Anyhow, user can now enjoy more with surplus storage capacity to place their digital documents on the web, without giving additional cash for this facility. It should be noted that Windows Phone subscribers readily acquire 7GB of SkyDrive memory with their purchased mobile handsets and this 20GB space is an additional bounty for them. The facility is provided just for a time period of one year.

Microsoft shared this good news with its clients by sending them emails to make sure that don’t miss this golden opportunity. Subscribers who are willing to get this Christmas gift will be required to click on the URL in the company-sent email to ensure the extra storage is activated for them. Microsoft also announced that users should send their requests for the acquisition of 20 GBstorage not later than January 31, 2014.

Just to mention, SkyDrive has been installed into each Windows Phone-enabled handset and can conveniently be opened on the device. Customers can select to make archives of whole of their digital data such as music, images, videos, files and much more online by making variations in the phone settings. Besides this, it can be approached through a cloud browser via any internet-operated device or through devoted SkyDrive apps present readily on all Windows Phones.

Like said above, Microsoft will send email along with a specific address to its users that requires to be opened in order to grab the 20 GB SkyDrive space for 12 months.