Microsoft decides to lower the Windows 8.1 prices


Bloomberg News reported that World’s leading software firm, Microsoft Corporation, has announced to lower the Windows 8.1 prices for inexpensive PCs and tablets manufacturing. The prices of Windows are slashed by almost 70 % in a bid to fight with low-end devices such as Google Chromebooks etc.

The news stated that PC manufacturers can acquire the Windows 8.1 for $15, whereas $250 is charged for licensing built-in Windows on computers. A $50 is taken as standard fee. Discount can be availed on any product that ranges in the price criteria, regardless of the size and kind of the product.

The Windows 8 and its latest variant 8.1 have left Microsoft reeling behind its competitors in the OS market due to poor sales since its birth almost one and a half back. Microsoft’s marketing boss Tami Reller told that Windows7 is the highest grossing OS for the firm so far, as it sold over 240 million copies in its first year. On the contrary, Windows 8 copies were shipped for more than 200 million times.

The Windows platform is going at a snail’s speed as it saw a two-year drop in PC shipments, whereas the sales of smartphones and tablets saw a huge boost. Analysts are of the opinion that tablets shipments will surpass desktops globally by 2015.

Microsoft designed Windows 8 to offer great flexibility to systems as it would equally influence computers and tablets at the same time. It, however, didn’t manage to pull the best out and many typical users rejected it. Apart from Windows, the Surface tablet also let Microsoft down and was left way behind by Apple’s flagship iPads.