Microsoft is eyeing to encrypt the traffic to prevent surveillance


Microsoft is eyeing to encrypt the traffic going between its global datacenter regions due to US government spying on its user information. Previously, other tech giants like Google and Yahoo have also done the same to prevent surveillance by the US law enforcement authorities.

Indications at the software enabled devices and services giant mounted in last month as ex U.S. government contractor Edward Snowden disclosed that the NSA was monitoring the personal fiber cables associating the two of Microsoft’s datacenters.

Microsoft was not clearly mentioned in the papers disclosed, but the Redmond, Wash.-run firm and other technology companies are eager to see if they are at risk, or have been exposed to spying.

The Washington Post states that the top Microsoft officials are holding a meeting soon to finalize their decision of encrypting their datacenters as soon as possible in order to maintain their credibility among its user base.

The surveillance project named as “Muscular,” the NSA is operating together with its British partners at GCHQ to tackle the cables between the two Internet heavyweights’ datacenters all across the globe.

As Google and other enterprises give a huge amount of revenue on leasing fiber optic cables from relevant firms to place their information restricted from the “public” Internet, the NSA and GCHQ still are tapping these cables at leading Internet hubs worldwide, comprising of U.K.

After the news spread out like a wildfire, Google started encrypting datacenter load, which in return will definitely slower the pace of NSA’s attempts to gather heavy loads of consumers information.

Yahoo, alongside its tech community, also stated to employ encryption mechanism to its entire product list by the end of the Q1, next year. Yahoo’s current CEO, Marissa Mayer Mayer also mentioned that their firm would also do encryption for all user data between its datacenters.