Microsoft eying to unleash user preview of OS Windows 10


Planet’s leading software and technology behemoth Microsoft, is eying to unleash the user preview of its upcoming OS Windows 10 and announce plans about Windows Phone 10 for cell phones and tablets in January 2015.


A massive technology and consumer electronics show is going to be organized in Las Vegas in January 2015, where Microsoft is anticipated to wrap off the covers from its products. The Redmond based software firm is rumored to release the Windows 10 Consumer Preview at a special event after CES 2015 finishes, however, fix dates aren’t yet disclosed by the company.

At the eve of this peculiar event, Microsoft is also thought to declare its plans for Windows Phone 10 for smartphones, tablets and presumably, Xbox One dashboard updates. If we consider the rumors, Microsoft has rolled out a decisive Windows 10 Phone build to its developers for ultimate testing and one can almost expect the launch of the new OS in January as soon as the Windows 10 Consumer Preview gets underway.

On the other hand, as far as its mobile counterpart is considered, we have heard that Windows 10 is coming up to showcase plethora of useful additional features such cross platform support, a fresh touch interface called Continuum, our favorite Start Button and Menu and several performance optimizations. A current disclosed Windows 10 build also depicted that the software manufacturer is planning to show some new contextual menus, aesthetic visual effects and pronounced interface variations.

Following the heartbreaking run from Windows 8, consumers are anticipating something far more well from the company and by the look of things; Microsoft might have rectified its mistakes this time.