Microsoft has been granted with a patent ‘Force-feedback within telepresence’


Microsoft has been granted with a patent that is titled ‘Force-feedback within telepresence . Sending Different virtual and digital acts, hugs, handshakes and so on has been around since long. Earlier and even in current age many of us rely and express ourselves thru digital smiley’s. However with rapid advancement in technology, we have certain new tools called telepresence tools that can express emotions more accurately.

Microsoft telepresence'
The Microsoft patent typically deals with the ways of transforming actual human reactions between two persons in digital form over the internet. The telepresence tools include video chat and many other similar services. Although there are variety of advance physical telepresence tools, however, Microsoft have covered most of it in its patent.

For instance, the Microsoft states that, “ hand-shakes, Hugs, writing on a white board, grabbing documents and other similar acts can be detected so a specific and corresponding feedback force response is employed.

For example if you shake or hug the hand of a supported toy the other individual linked to your dialogue can in fact feel these events over a long distance.

Microsoft mentions that the feedback can include, “haptic, friction, electric, tactile feedback, three-dimensional feedback, noise, pressure, electrical stimulation,shaking, physical resistance, temperature change, vibration, motion, a replication of touching, a motion, texture, any combination thereof, and / or any other appropriate feedback communicated via device.